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Welcome to Greater Wellington’s Cycling & Walking Journey Planner. This planner helps make cycling and walking even more convenient by providing you with straight forward directions along a direct route from A to B. Whether you are a seasoned or a novice walker or cyclist, planning a commute to work or a trip to the local shops or library, simply key in your origin and destination and in seconds you'll have all the information you need about your particular journey!

You'll find out how long your journey will take, how hilly the trip is and get an estimate of how many calories you'll burn! Detailed route directions are also provided in a print or email friendly format. The journey planner will even provide you with the location of bike racks, drinking fountains, toilets and points of interest such as parks.

The Journey Planner data is based on road centre-line data from Terralink, supplemented by local road, track and facility information. The success of the planner is the result of an ongoing, region-wide collaboration with many territorial authorities and other information providers. In particular, the project team have been working with Terralink, Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Porirua City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council, Upper Hutt City Council, South Wairarapa District Council, Carterton District Council, Masterton District Council, Department of Conservation, Westpac Trust Stadium, MAPsport Services and the region's orienteering community.

This is the first online cycling and walking journey planner to be developed in New Zealand. It includes a host of features that have proved popular overseas. These features include:

  • Suggests a route which is short, but avoids the hilliest terrain
  • Route highlighted on a map and a clear set of directions provided
  • Ability to zoom in and out of the map and overlay a satellite image
  • Ability to click and drag your highlighted route to a different path
  • Display of facilities such as street lights, toilets and bike racks
  • Weather forecast for the part of the region you selected
  • An altitude graph and calorie counter
  • Ability to share your journey via email, Facebook or Twitter

Here’s a few tips on Getting Started.